I've been receiving so many inquiries for the past YEARS to create some Empek & Co beanies and my answer has always been no , for whatever weird reason. So, to spice up this crazy year, I figured I'd stop being so stubborn and finally listen to you all :)


Here's my first Empek & Co beanie design. You'd believe the white beanie is overrated but honestly it looks so bomb and it's super trendy this season. 


This beanie is not as thick as the orange brulé one, which makes it perfect to use for an all-day look ( ex:  won't make you sweat if you wear it indoors). The label is made out of fake leather and has our official mountain logo on it.


particularities :

- unisexe

- one-size

- can be worn numerous ways depending on the way/if you fold it.

- this model will not be restocked.